Purchasing and Supply Association (Singapore)

Bridging Supply Chain Professionals Globally


Purchasing and Supply Association (Singapore) - PASAS is registered as a professional organisation in Singapore that provides industry related certification, seminar/workshops, consultancy and course-related assistance to learners and organisations who wants to develop their skills for corporate and personal development.  

PASAS exists to promote and develop high standards of professional skill, ability and integrity among all professionals engaged in purchasing and supply chain management. Established  in 2003, we have grown to become the reference for industry best practices regionally.

PASAS has a new directive for year 2014 to partner international institutes to attain our objective of bridging supply chain professionals globally through learning and development that will ensure to deliver the necessary infrastructure to facilitate your pursuit for quality learning and development.  We have also revised some of our certification programmes materials according to the requirements, demand and changes in Global Supply Chain business processes.


Serve as the recognised professional centre for excellence and resource of choice for supply chain management professionals regionally through the promotion of world class standards of conduct and competency.



The Purchasing and Supply Association (Singapore) Mission is to develop, promote and deliver programs, products, and services in response to changing needs, wants, and conditions, to continually expand our Association’s value through opportunities for personal and professional development.  

We begin with your objective and end with your achievements.  


Purchasing and Supply Association (Singapore) - PASAS is registered with the 
Singapore Registry of Society (ROS) since June 2003.

ROS Registration No. 0021806